Completing a Paypal Purchase post-Checkout

If your Paypal purchase doesn't complete at checkout in the shopping cart. You can complete your payment via Paypal by doing the following steps:

  1. Login to the Famcor website and click the My Account link (or click your logged in email address) in the header menu (top of page) or click here: My Account
  2. In the left hand My Account menu column, click the Orders link, or click here: My Orders
  3. Click the Details link next to the order that did not complete in Paypal.
  4. Assuming your order is not cancelled (if you requested it be cancelled), choose the Complete Payment button to be redirected to Paypal with that order's information to complete your purchase:Paypal complete post-checkout

NOTE: If your order is cancelled, either redo the order through the website or contact us and we'll attempt to reverse the cancellation so you can complete your order.

NOTE: We have contacted Paypal to enquire why some transactions fail. We were told, in some cases if the billing address (and/or possibly the shipping address) doesn't match a verified address in Paypal, it could fail (but is not always the case).