Visual Upholstery Fabric Calculator

The following is a general upholstery fabric calculator tool for estimating the amount of yards required for similar types of projects. It is only meant to be a general guide. We can not know your exact situation or project, so please do your own reseach and consult an expert if you have any doubts. An extra foot or two on a couch or chair can make a difference in your upholstery fabric needs, as well as upholstering the backs, sides and areas that are unseen in these pictures. This page is basically a best guess creative work in progress to replace those upholstery fabric yardage sketches.
Mid-size full fabric chair6 yards
Smaller full fabric chair5 yards
Smaller full fabric chair4 yards
Full size full fabric chair7 yards
Mid-size full fabric chair6 yards
Full size sparse fabric chair4 yards
Full size full fabric sofa16 yards
Larger full fabric love seat13 yards
Mid-size full fabric couch12 yards
Mid-size full fabric love seat 11 yards
Mid-size full fabric bench style love seat sofa10 yards
Smaller full fabric bench style love seat sofa (no arms)9 yards