News -Tuesday, April 23, 2019
While Chenille upholstery fabric is extremely cozy, it's also excellent at hiding dirt. Velvet was originally made from silk for royalty. Acetate offers only fair resistance to soil and tends to wear, wrinkle, and fade in the sun. Microfiber upholstery fabric, which has increased in popularity over the years, is a blend of polyester and polyamide. Our broad assortment of jacquards, florals, stripes, damasks, chenilles, velvets, tapestries, faux sueded and solid textured upholstery fabrics will help you create fabulous furniture and great pillows! Dry Cleanable is a fabric that is dry cleanable, can be cleaned with chemical solvents instead of water. Although it requires an investment, having an extra set of drapery, slipcovers and pillow covers allows you to adapt your interior design to the changing seasons. Tapestry is a heavy, flat-woven fabric features elaborate designs appropriate for various uses throughout the home. Jacquard is an intricate fabric that features a variegated weave or multi-color pattern. Chenille upholstery fabric comes in many different styles and colors, including patterns and textures. Velveteen or Corduroy is similar to velvet. Today’s consumer is looking for “natural fabrics” and lots of textural interest. Spandex is a manufactured fiber known for its high elasticity. The Jacquard loom is capable of weaving intricate patterns with many layers and many threads at the same time. Chenille uphostery fabric is a soft tufted cord of silk, cotton, or worsted used in embroidery or for fringing. Cotton is best ironed when the fabric is damp. Chenille tends to be a family favorite upholstery fabric. The practice of upholstery originated in Europe, particularly London, in the 18th century. Before that, many chairs featuwred either bare seats or fabric coverings without padding or springs inside for cushioning. Chambray is a lightweight plain weave cotton fabric similar to denim. Chambray is woven on a colored warp with white fill yarns. Consider the luxuries of silk upholstery fabric and its gorgeous appeal. The natural fabrics are cotton, linen and silk. Fabrics are versatile and allow for quick and inexpensive reinventions. Polyamide is a manufactured fiber that is a type of nylon. Polyamide is known for its exceptional strength, elasticity, and luster. Woven fabric patterns hold up longer than printed ones. The right upholstery can completely transform the look and feel of your furniture. Silk has a very soft hand and can be woven into nubby informal textures and shimmering paper-thin sheets. Developed as imitation silk, acetate can withstand mildew, pilling, and shrinking. Toile de Jouy dates back to 18th century France, and is a cotton print. High-quality acrylics are manufactured to pill significantly less. Latex is a substance often used as a back coating on fabrics to make them easier to upholster. It is a milky white liquid that is extracted from the rubber tree, milkweed plant, or the poppy family. Polyurethane is a manmade organic polymer with high elongation and strength. Polyurethane is often used in elastic and plastic or vinyl like textiles.