What are the Common uses of Furniture Upholstery Fabric?


Upholstery fabric has a multitude of applications in residential and commercial decor. Our customers are generally shopping upholstery fabric as a covering for sofas, sitting chairs, sectionals, love seats, recliners, couches, dining room chairs, futons and more. Other customers are shopping for a fabric to be used for drapery, curtains, padded headboards, bed covering, couch pillows and anything you can imagine. There is also a need for upholstery fabric with an extremely high durability, quality and resilience for high abuse, high demand uses such as restaurant chairs, office seating and lobby furniture.

There are other types of upholstery fabric for specific use cases like outdoor seating, stadium chairs, auto and marine upholstery applications and it's best to buy the upholstery fabric that is best suited for your application. 

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